Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is There A Method To This Madness???

Are you an organizer?  Does everything have it's place in your home?  This is one of my aspirations and I have been relentless in finding a technique that works for me!!  Probable every woman would answer that order is important in the home, but how do we find order out of chaos? 

In my quest for order, I have tried everything from a book that schedules every hour of the day to home management binders, to meal planners, tons of printables for notes and to dos.  Still, perfect order eludes me. 

Do you know about "Principle and Methods"?  A principle is "a basic truth, general law or doctrine used as a basis of reasoning or a guide to actions and behavior".  A method is "a procedure or way of doing something".  Among the Christian community, especially women, we share many principles, but the methods will vary widely.  God's Word instructs us to be the keeper of our homes, which is a principle we hold, but there are innumerable methods in which to do this!

I love to browse organization websites to get ideas.  Then, if I am unable to make this method work for me, get frustrated.  Each of us is individually created with our own set of gifts, abilities and talents.  Some of us love and excel at cooking, other sewing or creating, others entertaining, others make their homes a place of fun!  These are all areas needed to make a home, but if we build on anothers gift, we will fall short if that is not our area of talent. 

What is the best way to find order in our homes?  It is what will work for us and with us.  What are your strong points?  Use them to bless your family and others!  What areas bring joy and can be done as an extension of your natural ability is most likely your gift or talent.  If it stresses you out and causes more irrigation than accomplishment, it may not be the gifted area. 

Sometimes it helps to take a good look at where we are in our homes, what we want to accomplish, take a deep breath and pray!  God can bring help,  hope and a beauty to our homes as we follow His leading and use His gifts to our home and family.

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  1. I too like to read sites and others ideas (especially on blogs!) about methods, etc. for organizing...and lots of other homey ideas!...and isn't it funny how quickly we can compare ourselves and become frustrated when one's ideas/methods don't work out exactly the same for us?? I really struggle with this. We really do need to focus on our own strengths/abilities/etc....and work our methods around those.

    Is it too late to add a comment for the brownie drawing?? Because I do have a family loves that brownies! My favorite - as with anything! - would be dark chocolate!! YUMMO


  3. I, too, love to organize and it's always fun to see someone else's schedule or routine. But you're right, someone else's schedule (or gift) may not work for us.

    We have to build on our strengths, as you suggested! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  4. So far I'v never met a brownie I did'nt like!
    Cookie brownies are awesome too!
    I love reading books on organization too Joyce.



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