Friday, September 9, 2011

Right Here In Our Yard

One day last week, we heard the noise of an airplane circling around and around.  Now, in the country, this is a very unusual sound and my first instinct was to hide under the bed!  But curiosity got the best of us and we peeked out the window to see a crop duster plane.  These are small planes that ‘dust’ or spray fertilizer on fields of crops.  The plane was dusting a field nearby and turning around right over our  heads!  Of course we grabbed our camera:

This interested my son so much, he took a video!!  Here is a crop dusting demonstration:

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  1. We have a friend who is an crop duster in ND. Some of my kids' fondest memories are going up in his plane or when he would buzz our house on the way home from a nearby field. They are talented pilots, that's for sure!


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