Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Today’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is free choice!  My first thoughts gravitated to a fall mountain picture from last year’s vacation or some kind of floral shot.  But creativity thinks beyond what is comfortable!!

So today’s picture is based on what is going on in our home – FOOTBALL!  With our youngest son playing little league football and our older sons spending every evening (it seems!) in front of the tv watching the game, football seems to rule at our home right now!

Textures added were:  November, Magic Scratches and Thursday.



  1. Football. My husband is crazy about football and living overseas makes him even crazier since games don't start till like 11pm our time. :)
    Nice edit and a wonderful photo!

  2. That is amazing! Seems like all these photos would make a great family slide show, or a wonderful scrapbook for one of the boys. You are learning so much.


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