Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Texture Tuesday–Doing

Today’s Texture Tuesday’s theme is “Do”.  That seemed to be a little hard to come up with for me.  Then, over the weekend, I found these two cuties “doing" nothing but enjoying themselves and loved the reminder that sometimes we just need to just be instead of do, or just do while being still and enjoying life!


Then, since I couldn't make up my mind which picture I liked, I edited them both the same way!

Both photos were edited in Sepia Tone and the textures added were “Autumn Burst”, “Serious Magic” and “Warm Sun” were used. 



  1. Oooo. The combination of the textures gives such a neat effect. I love it.

  2. Both are nice but I like the warmer tones of the second.

  3. Very sweet! I like the warm sepia tones.

  4. I love the pose of the second picture...and the message that inactivity doesn't mean you aren't "doing" something. Enjoying is a DO!

    nice job on the pics...



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