Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lean, Mean and Green!!

My youngest son fits the true model of the lastborn  (baby) of the family!  He is coddled, spoiled and loves his mama!

But, one day he will grow into a man and will need some tough characteristics.  This summer he expressed an interest in playing football.  Knowing this would be good to help develop and mature him, we signed him up.  Not only is he the lastborn,  but he is a bit small – only 60 lbs!  But both he and Mom are loving this experience!

football 026football 002football 003

There he is…on bottom recovering a fumble!
football 009football 011

 Preparing for kick off!
football 019

It’s turning out to be a great season!

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  1. You described my baby of the family perfectly! Coddled, spoiled and loves her momma!

    He really seems to be a natural. No wonder you're so proud!


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