Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Old Fashioned, Thrifty Garden Tricks

Although I'm nowhere near an expert gardener, it is fun to experiment and gain knowledge in this area.  However, since there is much to learn, I'm hesitant to read about and then go out to purchase items (usually expensive) which are supposed to be 'vital' to enhance my plants, flowers and garden!  Our local newspaper shared some tips recently on how to use natural, old fashioned techniques to enhance growing plants. 

Tea Bags:  Working tea bags into soil of roses adds a touch of acidity, which roses love.

Epson Salts:  Our area is low on magnesuim and sprinkling some Epsom Salts around flowers and shrubs will add vigor to them.

Coffee Grounds:  Work coffee grounds into the soil of plants adds nitrogen to the soil.  Plants will bloom bigger and better than ever!

Dish Soap:  If aphids are a pest in your garden, spray a solution of dish soap, water and vegetable oil on the plants. This is a natural remedy for garden pests.

I'm already incorporating a few of these ideas and love the fact that it costs me nothing and gives some of these items a 'second use'!

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  1. I think the "old fashioned techniques" are the best to use in gardening and in life! :) Thanks for sharing these tips.


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