Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rekindling the Fire

During this time of the year, words that we use to describe our homemaking duties include things like 'keeping the home fires burning' and being a 'keeper of the home" bring to life memories of coziness, warmth and love.  When it turns cool outside, the warmth of home beckons us.  Now, we know that fires don't stoke themselves and likewise the home fires don't burn without some tending to.

Our family just finished little league football which kept us out of the house almost every weeknight for months and this weekend was jam packed with homecoming parades, a big church activity, birthday parties, sleepovers, etc.  With all this busyness, our home fires are burning low!

This week should find us at home more and I plan to do a little rekindling to fan the flames of the home. A few things I"m hoping to do this week include:
  • Baking some treats
  • A good clean up!
  • More time deliberately spent enjoying each other
  • Enjoying outside time
  • Cleaning off the back porch to sit out and enjoy the weather
  • Creating some filling and delicious home cooked meals
  • Simply making time to 'be there'
Little tasks like this that create a home atmosphere easily get lost in the busyness of life.  We will again find ourselves in the throes of busyness, but while things calm down some, I'm going to build up the home fires! 

What's your favorite thing to do to keep your home fires burning?

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  1. Great ideas!

    I think I like to make sure things are neat and clean and don't look chaotic, to foster a desire to stay in the home and relax instead of escaping it.

    I also like to change up the home accessories now and then, to bring Fall inside, or celebrate Christmas, or bring in Spring or Summer, etc. It's fun to change the look of the decor a bit and not too expensive (especially if you shop the $ store or thrift stores)

    And I like to cook some good hearty meals that we don't eat during the spring/summer months. We also like to have a Family night when we can! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  2. I love the thought of rekindling the home fires! It's so inspirational.

    Lately, I've been concentrating again on spending time weekly with each kid. The older they get the harder this is! They all have their own schedules. It's important to me that even the adult kids know that I still am actively their mother.

  3. I love time in my kitchen. I want to try to bake some pumpkin spice bagels this week with the kids -- it'll be a first for all of us :)

    And I love to have appropriately scented candles burning - pumpkin spice right now!


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