Thursday, October 27, 2011

Supermom or Abiding Mom

I’m not a Supermom!  I cannot do it all and when I try to do it all, I fail, get stressed and make a big mess of things!

But, I am learning to be an Abiding Mom.  A mom who knows limitations, but also where true strength, grace and hope comes from.


Here is a free printable to remind us to be Abiding Moms!


  1. Loved this Joyfull!!! I'm going to share this in Facebook. Thanks! e-Mom

  2. Loved this chart - and thanks for the link to print it! A great resource to share. I'm not a supermom...I don't know many who are:) - oh, but I want to be an abiding mom.

    Have a great weekend ahead. Its gonna get cold here:(

  3. Hi friend love your post thanks for sharing...loves soraya


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