Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Your Dinner Talk???

Family dinners have always been a priority at our home.  When our boys were young, most nights found us eating a meal together around the table.  As the boys grew and we began to juggle school, jobs and daddy's shift work hours, and now dinner around the table is not as frequent.  Often we eat in shifts and sometimes (gasp) in front of the TV. 

Eating together is important and worth the effort to pull together.  Conversation is important also.  In our early years, I remember 'teaching manners' at the table which mainly consisted in me correcting and analyzing their behavior. I have since learned, the dinner table is NOT the place for correction!!  It is to be a pleasant time, hopefully of sharing together.

Sometimes, teenage boys need a little help in sharing!  Their minds are on boy things - trucks, friends, girls etc.  Conversation can sometimes be stilted and often takes great effort.

HOW DOES SHE is a web site I recently found and is filled with creative ideas in many different categories.  You will find something you can use each time you visit!  I recently came across a series offered "Family Dinner Questions" which offer conversation starters for the family meal.  I'm planning to print these out and keep them close to the table to add some spice, flavor and conversation to our mealtimes! Will you join me this week in livening up things around the dinner table?

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  1. It's funny that you wrote this because I have a meme post coming up about meal time, lol! (But mine is about menu planning).

    As you said, our meal times are more complicated now that the kids are older. One kid is away at college in another state, and the other goes to a local college so he juggles school, homework, church ministry, and his part-time job.

    Even when our oldest was home from college for the summer it was difficult if not practically impossible because both boys had jobs, and one worked during the day and one at night.

    But I do enjoy those times together when they come! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!


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