Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bringing It Home

Last night, we got home from a quick trip to the mountains!  The week before Thanksgiving was perfect for kindling a thankful and adoring heart for the Lord.  The majesty of the mountains, the majestic waterfalls, the leaves on the ground crunching underfoot, the cool, fresh mountain air and the soft sounds of a running creek all bring up a grateful attitude.  We stayed in a cabin simply, but beautifully decorated with a cozy atmosphere.

Every year,  I do this, try to keep alive the feelings of vacation upon arriving home.  The feeling of relaxation, the enjoyment of simply being together, doing basic things, walking, reading, talking etc.  But....upon arriving home, there is laundry, cleaning then preparing for Thanksgiving!  Seems like there is no time to recapture the vacation mode!

But, our attitude begins in our heart and Thanksgiving is a perfect time to notice the little things and create the atmosphere we desire in our lives and home.  A heart still before the Lord will be exhibited through calmness and peace no matter what circumstances are going on around.  A steadfast heart, remembers that God is the giver of all and we can trust in Him.  His strength will sustain us through the busyness of our tasks and His joy allows us to find true joy and happiness in our surroundings. 

As we enter a very busy week, may we keep our eyes on the Lord and our hearts still before Him.  Thank you, Lord that You are all I need.
P.S.  Pictures are coming!!

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  1. What beautiful inspiration! I'm loving the idea of keeping alive the feelings of vacation. We're too busy to travel now, have company coming, but this is the attitude and atmosphere I want to convey in my home when we finally get to slow down for a few days and enjoy. Blessings on your holiday week!


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