Monday, November 28, 2011

A Shot of Gratitude

Gratitude is a remarkable attitude. It can bring a new direction to the worst situation or stir up a heart to overflowing as it reflects on blessings.

Gratitude can and should be practiced daily.  In big ways, such a counting our blessings and in small ways as noticing the beauty of small things, such as crunching leaves, a sunrise or sunset, the little blessings all around us.

This photo was edited by adding the textures of Autumn Burst and Shades of November.  The memory of walking through the mountains is etched forever in the gratitude attitude!



  1. I love your editing of the leaves with the frost! Beautiful!

  2. Love the colors on your leaves. Your words add the perfect touch...

  3. you have a beautiful blog; the post is lovely with wonderful texture and rich processing. it is the very best attitude. thank you {texture tuesdays}


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