Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Chaos To Creativity

Although creativity is not my strongpoint, I've learned that presentation can be very important. What our eyes perceive at first glance is where much of our opinions are formed and whether we like what is presented or not!

In food, gifts and how we carry ourselves, presentation can enhance and bring beauty to the ordinary.

For Christmas presents, I like to make baskets filled with many  little things.  This year, homemade beauty items were given. 

My closet is my holding place for the gifts and a place for chaos.  I couldn’t even put up my shoes!


But, there came a time when some order had to come.  Here is the ‘stuff’ to fill the baskets:


Now the hard part – putting it all together.  The goodies were divided up, placed in a basket and thanks to some advice and suggestions from a neighbor who is creative, and wrapped up.

The finished products:


Now, these are not Better Homes and Garden worthy, but if was fun putting them together and I learned a valuable lesson for life:

A little extra time and effort for preparation, can make the ordinary shine. 

As we celebrate Christmas, may your heart and home be filled with Christ’s love and peace.  Merry Christmas!!

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