Sunday, December 11, 2011

Illuminate My Heart

I LOVE winter!!  Well….maybe it is because I experience Florida winters!  Our area gets to experience a nice shot of cold air and then is warms up for a few days.  I probably wouldn’t like to live in the cold day after day.  But, one of my favorite things is winter mornings.  Especially the ones where I don’t have to get up and go right out, but can sit in front of a warm fireplace, in my cozy robe with a cup of coffee. 

This caught my eye one recent morning as I was coming to sit down to read my Bible, a ray of morning light shining on my chair.

As I pulled the Bible to my lap to read, that same bright ray of sunshine illuminated the pages.  What was once ‘normal’, was now bathed in brightness and beauty.  Illumination makes things shiny and beautiful.  It adds special sparkle to what was ordinary. 
In our homes, us as wives and mothers are usually the one to bring the brightness around the holidays.  We decorate, bake, play music and add special festive touches to the home.  In our hearts, when God illuminates or brings His life to, there is a shining brightness and beauty that shines forth.  May this season, we be encouraged to ask God to illuminate our heart to truly embrace the meaning and gift of His Son.  May we shine forth with the peace of knowing we are His and may joy overflow in and through us as we celebrate our King who was born so many years ago, but reigns today and forever. 
There is no ornament that shines brighter than His love through us, warming our home and family.  Lord, illuminate my heart to shine for You!

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  1. Great post! I love the cool winter mornings when we can cuddle and drink tea together. You are right, moms tend to be the ones to light up the home and we need so much help from our Father to do it!



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