Friday, December 2, 2011

The Old Mill

On our recent trip to Tennessee, my in laws looked up an old friend who lived in the area.  We met up at The Old Mill where the man worked.  During the visit he gave us a tour which I found fascinating!!

mountains 2012 066

The Old Mill sells fresh products from corn meal ground on site including biscuits, corn bread, pancakes, hush puppies, muffins and grits. They also use their own grains for the homemade artisan style breads that are prepared each day.


Weighing one ton each, the massive flint granite stones, called French Buhrs, are only the second set ever used in The Old Mill's 175-year history. When they're in action, the stones convert grain into about 1000 pounds of product each day, six days a week. Resident millers then hand-fill, weigh and tie each bag of stone ground grain.  For some interesting history see The Old Mill.

Here is the mill in action:

Grinding Corn:
mountains 2012 040

Ground Into Fine Corn Meal:
mountains 2012 042

Then bagged to be used and sold:
mountains 2012 047mountains 2012 052

I’m so glad we took the time for a quick visit and also got a peek into the way things used to be done!!

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  1. Wow, that is awesome!!! Don't you just love seeing and hearing about "the old way."

    I mean, I am really glad that we don't have to do all that extra work now, but I just get really fascinated by how it used to be.


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