Thursday, February 16, 2012

Slowing Down

While changing my profile picture recently, I noticed the date of the beginning of my blog was August 2007.   I also noticed the post numbers recently - they are over 1,000!  It shocked me that I found enough to say to write over 1,000 posts??!! 

There is just something in my personality that takes things seriously.  I hate to fail, so I try to do a good job!  When it come to something that I like (like blogging), it just becomes a part of me and sometimes, consumes me!

The purpose of this blog in the beginning was to encourage women in their walk with God, in their roles as wives and mothers to grow and become all they can be with God's grace and strength. Several times a day things that I did or learned would become blog topics!  I learned and long to share that God can do a transformation in the heart of those who are willing and that He is never finished with us.  This is a journey that we as women are on, a place to grow in His love and grace and to share it with those around us.

It's time to take some of that time and energy spent on the blog and put it to other uses.  I'm going to slow way down on posting, but hopefully, not go completely away!  I'm  hoping to continue to share my New Year's plan - A Journey To Excellence to keep a journal of growth in these areas.  There's still tidbits of our home and life I want to record here.  

Thank you for walking this path with me the last few years and allowing me to stretch and grow in writing and sharing the goodness of the Lord.  It has been a blessing to learn, to share and to meet so many new people through this blog.  I plan to visit and stay in tune to my blog friends and plan to use this time to build closer relationships to those around me!


  1. Oh my goodness... Over a 1,000 posts?! That's incredible!

    I'm sorry you're kind of going away, even though you have exactly the right priorities. I hope you're not going completely away because I always enjoy reading your posts.


  2. That's an incredible journey you've been on! Enjoyed spending some time on your blog today!


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