Monday, April 16, 2012

Popping In With A Challenge

It's been a nice, but interesting blog break for me!  Not updating a blog each day has helped my time management skills, but there was a bit of a health hiccup that went on during my break!
Good health is one of the blessings that should never be taken for granted.  As one who has enjoyed incredibly good health and a pain free life, a herniated disc in my neck put me on the sidelines. 

This month long issue dealing with incredible pain and being able to handle only the basic necessities of daily life - cooking, cleaning etc. which took all the energy and effort I had, taught me some great lessons and created a sense of compassion and greater understanding for others. 

A steroid injection in the neck has brought great relief and I feel much better, equipped with energy and renewed vitality.  Since good food habits and exercise went by the wayside for a while, I am renewed with purpose to re-establish healthy habits.
5 Weeks - 5 Disciplines - 5 Challenges for the mind, body and spirit came along at just the right time and provided some great motivation. 

The first discipline was for the body.  Establishing the healthy habits of exercise and eating well.  Although I walk every evening and try to do some weight training at home, I needed an extra 'push'.  A friend told me about a 6 week Boot Camp that met once a week and in her words "did a few jumping jacks and stuff and help tone us up."  I went last week and nearly died!!!  We did some intense cardio, running, jumping through ladders and lots of weight training!!  Since I had already paid my fee, my commitment was made!  A trip to the grocery store filled the fridge with fresh produce and healthier foods.  Week 2 of boot camp is coming, so the last few days I have done some cardio on my daily walk and did a few intense exercise DVDs at home. 

I downloaded this free weekly chart to remind and encourage me to do the basics, get enough sleep, catch some cardio and weights, eat my veggies and drink plenty of water.   Charts and lists help with accountability and for 5 weeks...I can do this!
Week 2 (which is the discipline of time management) will be a post later in the week!  There is also a free downloadable list to help with weekly planning.   

Although words like 'discipline' and 'challenge' often bring thoughts of disruption of our desires and schedules, they ultimately bring a steadfast calm and order to our homes and lives.  We don't become disciplined overnight, it is a good choice, good habit
at a time that becomes ingrained in our lives.  May we be ever moving in that direction.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain. It is so hard to have the need and the desire to get stuff done, but not have the physical strength and stamina to accomplish them. To take it from the Lord can be even harder, when you are laying on the couch, watching dust bunnies multiply and knowing you won't be making dinner AGAIN. But, when we learn spiritual lessons during our physical suffering, it is all worthwhile. Thankful to hear the Lord spoke to your heart during those quiet moments of suffering. May you continue to heal!


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