Friday, June 8, 2012

Feminime Friday - What About Bikinis?

Summertime is upon us!  Although the weather is not my favorite (it's way too hot!), I do love summer sports and the water!  Now playing in the water means wearing a bathing suit and mixing in with people.  Where does modesty fit into this mix?  The world's view of bathing suits leaves little to the imagination.  In fact, can be downright embarassing! It is often simply underwear, but in a different fabric.  But what does a Christian woman do about this?  Certainly no one will condemn a woman (even a Christian woman) for wearing a bikini.  Everyone else around will have one on with probably considerable less fabric!  But remember, modesty is an attitude of the heart.  Swimming season is a often a make or break decision time in this attitude.  Will you 'go with the flow', or will you make a visible stand with a bathing suit that covers up - but provides comfort and modesty?  My choice usually falls with a bathing suit covered with shorts or skirt.  This allows freesdom to move while still being modest.

Here is a quick video from Jason Evert entitled "Should Christian Women Wear Bikinis?"  It's a little in depth, but shares some information every women needs to be aware of in how clothing affects men. My favorite quote from it is "When a girl covers herself up, she reveals more about herself to guys because she reveals to them there is more to her than her body.  Opt for the modest outfit and teach the boys what you are truly worth."  The right choice is always one that will set us apart from the world and bring honor to the Lord. 

For a little more in depth reading on bathing suits and some modest bathing suits links visit Pure Modesty.


  1. I for one don't think that a Christian woman should wear a bikini if other men are going to see her. I personally wear board shorts over my suit and usually a tank top.
    Wear what you want in your own pool but in public we need to dress appropriately. I also have boys that I'm raising up not to mention a teenage daughter and if I don't set the example, who will? I ask myself, what are they seeing through their eyes.
    Great post.

  2. Good afternoon!

    I just wanted to pop in and say hello and to thank you for linking up to Pure Modesty! Also, thank you for sharing this video. I had not seen it before and would like to share it with my readers as well!

    Have a blessed day!



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