Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let’s Hear It For the Boys

Today, I’m linking up with The MOB Society (Mothers of Boys).  As a mom with three boys, I certainly qualify!  In our home, I’m a bit out numbered and try to stand my ground and impart a little bit of the more tender side – kindness, compassion, thoughtfulness etc. in small doses of course! 

But often the only thing boys understand is action!  Our area was hit by Tropical Storm Debby and there is a lot of water around here. Many in our town have lost homes and belongings and our prayers are continually with them.  Our area has not seen such devastation for which we are thankful.

While a neighbor and I ventured out for a quick walk, our sons came roaring up on four-wheelers and offered to take us for a ride…through the mud to check things out.  Throwing my girly caution to the wind and taking advantage of some quality time with my middle son…off we went!

campflood 010


My neighbor is such a good sport!!

How did this happen?

campflood 013

By going though this!


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  2. That was an adventure! Does this mean you didn't get to go to camp?

  3. How much fun!! What a blessed time!

  4. Looks like a fun time! :) Mud and boys go together so well.

  5. I have not looked at your blog until now. I am new at posting "somewhat" so I am still discovering buttons??. I enjoyed reading this post, I need some lessons from you on blogging :)..You have lots going on, how do you have the time to blog on three different blogs? lol I can't seem to master one.
    You are apparently GOOD at this.


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