Friday, June 1, 2012

True Modesty??? or NOT!

I'm all about girly things! Ruffles, lace, bows, pink, flowers, nails, hair, skirts, sandals and all the trimmings!  Being the only female in a house of males (husband and three sons), I don't get to express my love of femininity very often.

But I recently came across this blog Finding Beauty where Feminine Friday is hosted.  Today's topic on the subject of femininity is "A Woman's Right To Personal Freedom".  It's a pretty intense topic but one dealt with in line with Scripture.
When I think of being feminine, the first topic to come to mind is "Modesty".  This subject is one I"m passionate about.  Having three sons is what first perked my interest in modesty.  Today's culture and dress options for girls and women to choose from are in direct contrast of modesty.  Somewhere, a Christian perspective needs to be identified and acted upon.  But our churches carry a wide variety of stands on this issue. Some demand modesty with rigid rules and guidelines.  Others allow more room for personal freedom to choose what the individual feels about their clothing, not imposing guidelines or even suggestions. 
While being raised up, modesty was not broached in any way in my home.  As a teenager, I fell in step with the modern culture and even after becoming a Christian, I was unmoved and unchallenged by this topic.  Through the years, I fell prey to regulations and the desire to 'look holy' and thought modesty was simply dressing in a godly manner.  But later as I allowed the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me in this area, I have learned much and continue to seek true wisdom and guidance to be truly modest. 

Today's feminine tip is modesty, but instead of a long, drawn out discussion about the how to's or the do and don'ts, I'm going to share what true modesty is NOT!
True Modesty is not:
  • a set of rules and regulations, laid out by others on what is appropriate
  • a strict style - such as wearing dresses all the time, in every circumstance
  • a certain look - only skirts below the knee etc.
  • a mindset of being 'holy' or superior
  • a focus on self - how we look
Modesty is first and foremost an attitude of the heart.  An attitude of submission to the Lord and the desire to please Him in our thoughts, actions and dress.  It is not to please others or to gain attention, but is the act of being mindful of others, being careful to avoid causing a brother to stumble or succumb to temptation.  A by-product of holiness that reflects in our attitude and dress.  As holiness cannot be produced, it must be formed in the heart and then it extends outwardly, modesty cannot be forced or put on, but it begins with that desire to please the Lord and allows Him to change us from the inside out.

Modest requires grace.  As we receive grace, we must extend grace.  There are no 'levels' of modesty.  We don't ever 'arrive'!  It is a constant surrender of our will to have the will of God molded in us.  But it creates an inner beauty that always points others to our Lord.
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16


  1. Thank you for linking up to Feminine Friday! I hope you'll come back by and share with us again this Friday!

    Susan Godfrey

  2. I believe modesty starts on the inside, and is reflected fully by the outward appearance. You can dress modestly and have an immodest character. However, you cannot dress immodestly and have a modest character. Doesn't work like that.


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