Sunday, July 15, 2012


Graciousness in women seems like it may be a lost trait in today's world.  With our busy schedules, jobs, family duties who has time to work on developing graciousness?  But this dying trait never fails to draw others in and attract them.  Who doesn't enjoy being around a pleasant and gracious person?

What does Graciousness look like in action?
  • kindness
  • warm courtesy
  • tact and propriety: responded to the insult with gracious humor
  • merciful or compassionate nature
  • courteous
  • graceful
  • forgiving
A recent article over at The Encouraging Home, highlighted some of  the differences that bring out true grace in our lives:

"A gracious spirit makes a woman much more attractive, while a selfish heart can make the most beautiful woman unpleasant to be around. Selfishness tarnishes the appearance and ruins whatever good one might be attempting to do.

A gracious, wise woman may see weaknesses in others but does not point them out or become intent on changing them. She is kind, courteous, and respectful.

Our words reflect the attitude of our heart. Wise words that are carefully thought about before being spoken are gracious, while foolish words that are quickly spoken without thought can be damaging. We should speak with kindness and truth so that our words do not scar the heart and damage others."

This sounds great, but how do we get graciousness in our lives?  It must be developed. practiced, polished and refined - done over and over till we get it right!  Not phony, but genuine care for others can only come when our hearts are committed to God and His love enables us to reach beyond ourselves into the lives of others.  This is a tall order, one that causes us to stretch and grow, maybe allowing the Lord to do some 'weeding' in our hearts.  But the  beautiful result is a life that draws others and they see the work of the Lord in and through us.

One of the best practices is to slow down!  Not in our feet, but in our heart. Taking time as we go along to pay close attention to the daily blessings of life.  To notice others, their talents, gifts and good in them.  To treasure time with our families and friends. 

As we seek to grow in graciousness, be mindful of others who are watching our lives.  Show them an example of being kind, gracious and loving to those we come in contact with.  Graciousness will begin to grow and affect those around us.  Graciousness will grow!

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  1. It is sad to think that graciousness is becoming a "lost trait" but I pray that it will be restored. I hope that people will take time to teach it to their children and that those of us who know better will allow it to grow in us. Blessings to you!


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