Monday, September 24, 2012

Living and Active Challenge

It's week 3 of the Living and Active Challenge and due to some motivation, I have a good report this week!  My goal was to eat well and stretch my running endurance in order to run my first 5K  Through the week, my running was built up to 3 miles non-stop and my diet was good, even through eating out one time.  I did yield to the temptation of a bowl of warm peach cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream!

Race day arrived with a small surprise.  My youngest son had ran with me during the week, wanted to do the 5K.

Here we are before the race:

Then after the race:

My son had a friend who was also running and they ran together, doing a great job.  My goal for the race was simply to finish, hoping to run the entire time.  I did and even got an award for best time in my age category!!
This week's challenge is "Craving Conquerors".  In our diets, cravings can quickly undo the hard work we've done.  Cravings are hard to conquer in the physical and the spiritual.  This week's soul food (spiritual training) encourages us to make good choices and not be led aside by things not of God.  By keeping His Word in our hearts, we are better prepared to face the temptations and challenges we face daily.  This is the verse to meditate on and learn for the week.
My physical challenge this week is to keep working hard.  Again, this weekend is another 5K I plan to participate in, which means eating right, being diligent to work out and run.  The path to get where you want to go is beaten step by step!


  1. Wow, sound like you had an awesome week. Congrats on the 5K. I think it is awesome that you were able to do it with your son. I wish you much success this week with the Lord's help.

  2. Stopping by to check on via the challenge. Thank you for the photographs and sharing your accomplishment this week. What a blessing to read that you not only ran a 5K that you were honored to win in your category. God is good. Have a great remainder of the week.

  3. Awesome week and what an example you are setting for your son. How cool to run with him!! Blessings!

  4. Just beautiful, love your blog I always feel very refreshed when visiting and reading here, sorry I am not here more often trying to work on that and get back to blogging myself. Have a great day. Hugs

  5. Oh my goodness, you look amazing! You almost make me wanna' take up running. Almost, I said....:)


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