Monday, September 24, 2012

Revive Your Marriage - With Praise

This week's Revive Your Marriage topic is "Praise".  The essence of 'revive' is change - if we're ready to put a new spark in our marriage, we will have to change.  But, change doesn't have to be an overwhelming thing, small things such as our attitude, words, kindness can bring about big changes.

Praise is a powerful thing - for the giver and the receiver.  Who doesn't like and is spurred on by words of praise?  When we are the giver of genuine praise, a heart and mind change usually come first.  If we purposefully look for good, we will find it (goes also for not so good!), but as our choice is to build up, we find good things and share them. 
In day to day life with our husbands, it is easy to take  him for granted.  Does he do little things that get overlooked?  Take out the trash, fill up your car with gas, pick up after himself?  This week, let's take notice of the things he does and the traits he has that we admire.  Then...share them!  Let him know with genuine appreciation and praise.
Last week, I read a post A Million Tiny Things which challenged wives to "Grab and pen and paper and over the next few weeks jot down some of the little things he does that make a difference in your life. The things you are grateful for."   I took the bait and began to overlook the tiny things that may irritate me and seek out little things he does that make me love him.  Here is a few things from my list:
I love how he:
  • leaves himself notes on his dashboard
  • gets the coffee pot ready for me before he leaves for work
  • keeps his clothes in a neat pile (not strung out all over)
  • puts his dirty clothes in the hamper
  • reads the instruction manual
  • makes the bed if he is the last one up

I'm gonna do this again this week!  It reminds me how blessed I am, but also reminds me that I am blessed to be a blessing!

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