Monday, September 3, 2012

Revive Your Marriage wonderful, fulfilling, a challenge at times and a tool which can be used to purge out selfish intentions and instill the biblical attitude of putting others interests above our own.  It's a whole lot of work, work and more work!  But God's plan for marriage is for it to be our highest human priority.  When we follow His plan and allow Him to develop some of these qualities - kindness, patience, love, faithfulness, integrity in our lives - a beautiful tapestry of love is created and fills our homes and future generations.  The statistics of a good marriage are already against us and daily we battle foes within us (selfishness, pride, desiring my rights etc.) and in our culture - low morals, temptations and ungodliness all around. 
Every now and again we need a Marriage Revival!  A time to dedicate to evaluating and working on our marriages.  Even great marriages can use a spark of life every now and again.  I'm participating in the Revive Our Marriage Series which runs weekly through September.  Each week a challenge area is issued that will bless and revive our marriages.

This week the challenge is to Revive Our Prayers:

This week's challenge is to seek God in prayer for your marriage. When and where will be up to you. Use your wedding ring as a constant reminder to pray for your marriage and for your husband. You might also pray that God will equip you in your role as a wife.
Some of my favorite resources for prayer come from Stormie O'Martian.  There are books and prayer calendars I use to effectively pray for my husband  There are printable calendars, encouragement challenges and an abundance of resources to help you pray for your man.  Which every method works best for you is the right one!   It is not to get caught up in the tools, but to effectively find a habit that works.  Your husband will thank you and your marriage will be blessed!

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