Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 In Pictures

When reflecting back on the past year, I couldn’t remember all the highlights until I was going through the pictures on my computer (trying to get organized!).  Memories and moments came back to warm my heart.  2012 was a good year!  As I work to clean up my pictures, I’m posting them to cherish and resolve next year to capture more moments.

Spring 2012

A neighborhood field burning got out of control:

fire 033fire 034

My front yard became the command station:

fire 037

fire 046

High School Prom for my middle son:

*His date’s mother was taking pictures on Prom Night and I had to be out of town for another son’s soccer game.  The night before he tried his tux on and let me do a 'pre-prom’ photo shoot!

prom 003prom 039 copy


Baccalaureate, Church Graduate Breakfast and pictures with the family!

My Three Sons!
boys 019boys 021

Apparently this is going to have to be in stages!! 

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  1. Handsome young men.Your oldest sure looks like you hear that a lot!


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