Thursday, January 17, 2013

Be My Valentine!

Valentine's Day always seems to catch me off guard.  It is a holiday that I love, but rarely 'prepare' for it.  Wtih three sons there is not a lot of fluff, (just give me the candy!), no ruffles or pretty packaging.  My wonderful husband usually takes me out to dinner which is a treat for both of us.  It is way too easy to fall into that easy going kind of routine.
Women Living Well is hosting a 4 week Be My Valentine Challenge that caught my eye.  Even though Valentine's Day is low key for me, the thought always get turned around to 'what I am going to get out of it'.  This year, I'm going to do a little preparation.  Although craftiness is not my gift, I can encourage and bless with words and actions.  This challenge is about ways to "praise, encourage, inspire, admire, build up, thank and appreciate your husband."  Can you think of a better gift for Valentine's Day? 

This challenge begin with Week 1 January 21st - Look for ways to praise your husband verbally. Praise him in front of the kids, friends, family, co-workers, on facebook, tweet it – get praise out anyway you can! Try to mention something noteworthy he has done – in his role as provider, father, husband, lover, or friend. If the thought of trying to come up with one terrifies you, then pray right now that God will give you new eyes to see your husband as God does. Then open your mouth and say something kind and uplifting to your husband today and tomorrow and the next day until Valentine’s Day arrives!
I'll be back Monday to share how this is going!  Bloggers are encouraged to  link up and share their posts, but all wives are encouraged to pray about making this a Valentine gift and new way of communication for their husbands!

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  1. Thanks for joining the challenge - I love seeing your smiling face on the link-up :)


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