Friday, January 11, 2013

Finding God's Will and Purpose For My Life

Have you ever pondered the question "what's my purpose?"  We as Christians know that we serve a God who created us unique and gifted us and equips us to live a full and abundant life.  Many times we hear the words "He has a purpose for us".  But often we look, listen and struggle to find exactly what that purpose is.  Are we where we need to be - in the right job, relationships, church and  if we dwell on this issue long enough can make ourselves a little crazy!! 
But there is good news!  God is not the author of confusion, but of order.  And, He gives us clear guidelines in His Word on some of the things He expects of us.
He only asks us to focus on ten essential things that help us fulfill His grand purpose for us as women who love Him, who love and serve others, and who reflect Him to the world. His list, found in Titus 2:3-5, con­tains these essentials on which to focus our time and energies:

  • Be godly in your behavior.
  • Be truthful and kind in your speech.
  • Be disciplined and self-controlled.
  • Be devoted to your husband.
  • Be devoted to your children.
  • Be discreet and wise in your actions.
  • Be chaste and pure inside and out.
  • Be focused on your home.
  • Be kind and good to all.
  • Be a teacher/encourager of good things.
It’s  liberating to know your purpose in life. And, from this list it’s not as mysterious as we might think. To drift aimlessly through your precious days is tiresome, frustrating, and unrewarding. It would be a great tragedy to wake up one day and realize all you could have accomplished if you had focused on some worthy goals along the way instead of always chasing the allusive question "Is this God's will for me."
What does this look like in every day life?  Am I faithfully serving those in my path who are part of my purpose—my family, my church, my co-workers and acquaintances? Am I willing to follow in Jesus’ faith­ful steps and make the sacrifices faithfulness requires? Growing more like Jesus awaits you on the other side of these answers and actions.
Parts of this encouragement was found at Elizabeth George.  Check the free resource page for free tools in your journey to becoming a woman after God's own heart.

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