Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things You'd Never Think To Clean...

Housework is a never ending job!  And that is just the tasks that you can visibly see that need to be done!  As a child, I was not trained to clean house.  I learned the basics - cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, dusting and vacuuming, but that was about all!  Once I got married, I learned about all those areas that need to be cleaned such as ceiling fans, refrigerator tops and window sills!

Readers Digest had an article about "Things You'd Never Think To Clean"  and they were right!  I only clean one of the four of these!

1. Telephone receivers. In his research, Dr. Gerba found significant numbers of illness-causing bacteria and viruses on telephone receivers.

2. Shower curtains. They get wet most every day, and they often stay wet, making them a perfect habitat for mold.

3. Indoor garbage cans. Particularly those in the kitchen and bathroom. Emptying them isn’t cleaning them. Regularly scrub them to make sure germs aren’t germinating.

4. Automatic dishwashers. Take a close look at the edges of the door on your dishwasher. Many are breeding grounds for mold and mildew. The same goes for the rubber cushioning that surrounds most refrigerator doors.

My plan this week to track down and get those areas we never think about!


  1. Great post. So true. I loved visiting you today from the linky. I noticed you have a cooking blog I'll go and visit there too.
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