Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Godly Example

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Recently at our church, we had “Children’s Ministry Day” which offered our children the opportunity to do some service acts for others.  Our project was for the children to take our widows a Valentine bag filled with cookies, candy etc. and let them know that they are loved and a special part of our church.
One of our stops was to Mrs. P.’s home.  Mrs. P. is the oldest living member of our church.  She is now 93 years old and has been a part of our church since she was born.  She always adds 9 months because she tells that “her mother carried her to church even in the womb!”
When we arrived at her home, she invited us in and was sitting in her recliner with her Bible in her lap.  When asked how she was doing, she said that her 93 year old body was wearing out.  But, as we found out, her spirit was alive and vital!  She then looked at us with a vibrancy and life in her eyes and shared how she was reading her Bible and it became alive to her.  She took notes and told us how sweet God’s Word is to her and encouraged us to hold it dear and feed off of it daily.  Her excitement and love for God’s Word was contagious and so real.  She can’t get out much anymore and rarely gets to church, but her relationship with God is as alive as ever.  Through His Word, He reveals truth to her and she is renewed in her heart and spirit.  So much so, that she keeps her pad and pencil nearby to record and remember what she learns. 
What a sweet and precious few moments were shared at Mrs. P.’s home.  What blessings flowed and love shined through.  Although we went to encourage her, we were the ones who left blessed and encouraged…..and found one fabulous example to follow!

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