Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Am Woman...

Being a woman is a wonderful thing!  In our day and time, women are told that they are the underdog and that they need to live up to the "superwoman" model in order to be successful.  Much pressure is put upon us as women to compete, to be and to do things better.  I found a recent article that outlines some ways that women are special.  How God has created us and equipped us to be unique and special.  This isn't a line drawn in the sand on what we must do, but rather beautiful attributes to celebrate that will make us shine where ever we are because of who we are.

We can affirm these God given attributes by declaring that "I am" created by God to be unique and celebrate His gift of being a woman.

I am a woman, therefore I am feminine. I will glory in my femininity in order to give glory to God. I will dress femininely, speak femininely, walk femininely, and act femininely.

I am a woman, therefore I am a "life-giver." The first woman was named Eve, meaning life-giver. She was the prototype of all women to come. I will delight in bringing life to the world, through my womb, through my words, and through my actions.

I am a woman, therefore I am a nurturing mother. God has put this anointing in my very being.  I embrace my womanly nurturing anointing to bring glory to God.

I am a woman, therefore I am different to men. I have my own particular function and calling that God has purposed for me. I will embrace it and walk in it, and resist all temptation to take my husband's role.

I am a woman, therefore I will find my greatest joy in my home. God has given me the blessing of a home to be a nest builder.I have the privilege of making a sanctuary for the glory of God and to raise my children in this safe nest.

I am a woman, therefore my price is worth more than rubies and pearls. I will bring glory to God by seeking to be a precious jewel to my husband and children.

When I embrace who God created me to be I bring honor and glorify God. When I deny my femaleness, I dishonor the God who created me and His plan for my life.

May we become unashamed affirmers of who we are.
From Above Rubies.

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  1. What a precious Father we have!!! Love this!


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