Friday, February 8, 2013

New Pots and Old Wives

Recently in preparation for a bridal shower at church, I was appointed to pick up the hostess gift.  The agreed upon choice was a new cookware set by Wolfgang Puck.  All the ladies raved how wonderful this set was. I picked it up and set it in my kitchen, near the door to take to the bridal shower which was in just a few days. 

This box drew my eye each time I passed it. It's new, updated and improved styles were glaringly different from my cookware stemming from over 20 years of marriage.  This new set was shiny, complete and wonderful!  As I would pull out my cookware (mismatched, scratched, stained and dented) to prepare dinner, I would glance at the box on the floor with a little bit of envy! 

Knowing that thankfulness is the answer to discontentment, I began to ponder when I was a new wife and the blessings God has given through the years. Those old pots and pans with their scratches hold dear memories of cooking for a family, taking food dishes to church and family gatherings.  The marks they hold stand for tried and true use. 

I began to think and remember about being a 'new bride' and now that I am an 'older bride' the journey and roads traveled hold dear memories and valuable lessons.  There is such a richness in looking back and seeing where God has brought us. won't believe this.  Right before the church bridal shower where the bride would receive these pots, she had another shower.  Guess what one of the gifts was????  Yep, a new cookware set!!  Since I paid upfront for the gift, I could now keep it!!!  So now, months later, the box sits in a bedroom waiting to be opened!  I'm working on sorting through the old cookware since there isn't room for both sets and I'm having a hard time letting go of my favorites!! 

Learn from the old and love the new!  Take the best from where we've been, but don't be afraid to embrace the new.  That's what happened when I read this line from our new bride's blog:  "Marriage is not tough to me like everybody said it would be. It is just something I have to get used to. It isn't all about me anymore or what I want, it's about pleasing him and making him happy. If he is proud of me at the end of the day, that makes me happy, so it is a win-win situation.

What I learned thus far-
Marriage is a never ending learning cycle."

Wouldn't that new, fresh attitude bring a spark of life into an older marriage? 


  1. As much as I also drooled over the thought of new pots and pans that weren't scratched and dented, I have to honestly admit, I'm kinda' like those kettles now. I don't look the same and I'm not as useful, slowing down some, but I wouldn't trade experience for shine anyday. I love growing old with my spouse.

    May the bride's shiny new kettles and the bloom of her youth both age with faith, true love and tremendous blessing!

  2. Thoughtful post! Hope you enjoy your new cookware...when you start using it! :-)


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