Monday, June 3, 2013

Seasons of Change

Recently my friend told a funny story of taking a picture of her children in her living room 15 years ago and then recently taking a picture in the same place to show how much they had grown.  She laughed when she noticed her clock on the wall was in the same place all these years!
I can relate.  Many years ago, my sister in law (who is a natural decorator) filled my walls with beautiful pictures flowers, shelves and decorations.  I love the look and have made very few changes through the years!  She came by a few years ago and made me redo a swag above a picture - told me it was outdated and needed to be redone.  I did it and it's still there! 
Lately I'm becoming more aware of home clutter.  When we decorated my home all those years ago, I filled every nick and cranny with 'something'.  Very few places are bare.  Every wall has a picture, a shelf, mirror and flowers. Now as I look around, I need to un-decorate and create some space with nothing in it. Less can become more!  Natural looks are in and sometimes the decorations compete against and steal the attraction of bare, simplistic beauty.
In our lives, we face seasons of change. I'm entering into one!  My 'crazy mom' season is slowing down.  My thoughts don't have to be centered on my children's needs so much.  Our two older boys are almost out on their own and instead of mom giving them directions, they are making choices of their own.  My life which was once so 'cluttered' like my walls, needs to be paired down some. 

As we advance in wisdom and age, we discover gifts and talents God has given us.  Often times the seasons of our lives can enhance these and allow them to be used to be a blessing - if we are willing to de-clutter our lives and let the natural beauty shine through.  Things that seem to come natural, can be used to be a blessing to others. 

By removing 'decorative clutter' or things that we think we need to fill our lives, a more natural, simple and genuine attitude comes forth.  Whatever season of life you find yourself in, may it be used to it's full advantage.  Enjoy and make each moment count.  Be aware of time and activity traps that are just like those flowers that collect dust - no purpose and drag us down.  Don't be afraid of these seasons of change, but let the Lord shine through!

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