Friday, July 19, 2013

How To Be a Godly Wife

Most Christian women have that desire to be a godly wife, one who encourages, blesses, loves and keeps her husband's best interests at heart.  Same principle aligns for being a Proverbs 31 woman.  These examples are clear in the Bible for us to see and read, but it is often in the doing that we fail. 
Becoming is the action that follows seeing...we see the passage, want to be what it says, but becoming is a process...perhaps a lifelong process!!  But as we know, even the longest journey begins with the first step...the move towards godliness begins with one step of obedience but, God also  provides HIs grace and strength to keep us on the right path.  His power works to change us from the inside out, little by little, act upon act. 
I found this article...How To Be a Godly Wife.   It is one of the best wrote articles I have ever read about being a Christian wife.  While written in letter form, it embraces so many qualities that we as wives need to see, read and become.  Not overnight...but each area will bring us closer to being the godly wife that will bless our husbands.  It is a must read for every Christian wife. Here is a portion...but I strongly encourage you to read the entire will be the best 15 minutes you will spend today!!!
Keep God first, your husband second.
Your relationship with the Lord should ALWAYS take priority in your life, and you should always be striving to seek Him. When you do that, the rest of your priorities are more likely to be in order. Make time for quiet time, reading the Word, and spending time in prayer so you can have the right heart and attitude throughout the day. And notice who comes second. Not you (selfish). Not your parents, family, friends, kids, job, hobbies, etc. Your HUSBAND is next. God wants it that way for a reason. A lot of households are out of order because lots of wives put their children before their spouse, and that is not the way that God designed the family. Eventually, children leave. God entrusts them with us temporarily to raise up in a Godly home, so they can go out and multiply and do the same. But that’s just it…..they leave, and you are left with your spouse. That’s why so many marriages crumble when the kids are grown…because couples lose sight of focusing on their own relationship and marriage and make the kids the sole priority. Kids LOVE to see their parents in love (even if they act like they don’t). It is really beneficial for them to see displays of affection and parents honoring one another and putting one another first. It teaches them the foundations of marriage so they will hopefully duplicate that healthy relationship in the future. It is our job to set a Godly example of marriage for our kids and model for them the type of marriage we hope for them to have. Be the kind of wife you want your daughter to be, and the kind of wife you want your son to marry.
Understand the covenant.
Marriage is not a promise, a contract, an agreement, or anything temporary. It is a covenant, and covenants are NOT to be broken. When you say your vows, you are vowing not only to your husband, but also to God and before Him. I have a copy of our wedding vows in my Bible, and I pull them out and read them sometimes. It’s such a good reminder. The Bible says it is better to not make a vow at all than to make a vow to God and break it. In a society where divorce is the easy answer and common practice, we seem to have lost the understanding of the seriousness of marriage. It is not meant to be a rash decision made based on emotions or feelings....
Do it anyway.
There are lots of things we don’t want to do, and even though we enter into marriage claiming unconditional love, our actions reflect a very conditional basis. We want to cook him dinner when he does nice things for us first. We only want to compliment him when he compliments us. If he doesn’t do this, we won’t do this….That’s not how it works. Your husband may not always be fulfilling his role, but that is between him and God. It i s NOT our job as wives to correct or discipline our husband. We are not his mama. We are his wife. His helpmeet. His companion. You should do things for your husband because he is your husband, NOT because of things he is or isn’t doing for you. ...7.

He is not a mind reader, and it’s not fair to expect him to know or understand your wants/needs or what you’re thinking if you don’t TELL HIM....
I truly believe if we focus on being the BEST wives we can be for our husbands, God will honor that and your husband will step his game up as well. Even if he doesn’t, our goal should be to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. If nothing else, do it out of obedience to Him.
Praying the Lord will bless you in your marriage.

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