Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She Wears Skirts

Last week at church was Vacation Bible School week!  The theme was "Kingdom Chronicles" where our church was transformed into a castle reflecting kings and kingdoms - good and bad.  Our workers did a fantastic job 'dressing the part':

Through the week, the kids caught on and I noticed even our young girls were wearing skirts each day. Of course our 'dress up' area contained outfits designed for a princess:

And at the closing ceremonies, even 'the big girls' enjoyed a night of dressing up as princesses:
I found myself each day loving the look and feel of wearing a skirt!  It was a great reminder of the joy of femininity.  I do understand that wearing skirts is not for everyone, many girls live in their jeans and that is what they love.  Especially in summer, I find skirts cooler, attractive and very feminine! 
I came across a series She Wears Skirts, which is a fantastic reference to modesty for Christian women.  It is not written with a legalistic view, but one of celebration of being able to express ourselves as women with a reminder of the importance characteristic of modesty.
My dress is very versatile, I love skirts, but also wear jeans, capris and being a runner, shorts for sports.  The more I wear skirts, the more I enjoy it.  Here are a couple of quotes from the She Wears Skirts series that resonate in my heart about dressing as a Christian.
"as Christians we are to be set apart.  This is not talking about women wearing dresses, but... Dresses and skirts are distinctly feminine, and in today’s culture, distinctly different."
Caroline from The Modest Mom says,
“I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons I wear skirts is to appear feminine.  I am, after all, a woman.  It’s not so much to check off my godly living check list, and to fulfill all the scriptures I have found that command me to wear skirts,  Rather, I feel passionately about being a woman in a world where gender lines continue to be blurred, and in many instances, are completely non-existent!”
 Her are more of Caroline’s words because she has spoken so clearly what I want to convey to all of you dear sisters.  Read and be blessed:
I don’t do this to be legalistic. I don’t feel fulfilled in my Christian walk because I adorn myself with a skirt... Rather, I seek to most importantly show my husband and children a modest wife and mama at home, and teach my children the clear gender lines...
Wearing skirts can also be an act of love to our brothers in Christ...
While men ultimately are responsible for their thoughts, as sisters in Christ we should be willing to aid them in this. A skin tight shirt, and a short skirt (or shorts) will be a stumbling block for some men...
Has the Lord placed on your heart a desire to be feminine and modest? If so, you need to follow that, and how it might look for your family.
In the New Testament God asks the women to
“adorn themselves in modest apparel and wear the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.”
Throughout this series, you will the greatest amount of emphasis upon the latter half of that last verse.  Modest apparel flows out of such a spirit – not the other way around.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. At school, I wear dresses usually Monday thru Wednesday. I love to wear them and, as you stated in your blog, they do bring out the femininity in me. Thursdays is usually ZUMBA Fitness wear and Fridays is jeans with a school faculty shirt or some Bulldog shirt. Looking forward to hearing more about the latter half of the verse. :D



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