Monday, July 1, 2013

What Is A Woman of God?

What is a 'woman of God'?  It sure sounds like a tall order and one not to be taken lightly.  Many of us would quickly back away, knowing that often our thoughts, words and actions don't seem to link up with that high reaching description of our life. 
I'm linking up today with Women Living Well where we are sharing a little bit about our favorite authors and life changing quotes by them. My all time favorite Christian author is Elizabeth George.  When I was a young mother (over 20 years ago), our church did a Bible Study "A Woman of Excellence" by Elizabeth George that opened my heart and stirred up a desire to become a woman after God's own heart.  This study is in book form in "A Woman After God's Own Heart".
Since that time, I have read many of Elizabeth's books and have been challenged and inspired by each one.  Her gracious manner can bring to light areas that need attention without condemnation, but rather a desire for true change that only the Lord can bring about. Her practical tips apply to daily life whatever season of life we are in and encourage women to seek higher, improve our heart attitude and follow with actions of faith. 
It was difficult to pick out a favorite quote, since so many bless me!  This prayer is one I have printed out in my devotional folder and is a wonderful, daily reminder how to stay on track and live out God's plan for me.
A Prayer for Living Out God’s Plan
1. Pray over your priorities
“Lord, what is Your will for me at this time in my life?”
2. Plan through your priorities—“Lord, what must I do today to accomplish Your will?"
3. Prepare a schedule based on your priorities—“Lord, when should I do the things that live out these priorities today?”
4. Proceed to implement your priorities—“Lord,thank You for giving me Your direction for my day.”
5. Purpose to check your progress—“Lord, I only have a limited time left in my day. What important tasks do I need to focus on for the remainder of the day?”
6. Prepare for tomorrow—“Lord, how can I better live out Your plan for my life tomorrow?”
7. Praise God at the end of the day—“Lord, thank You for a meaningful day, for ‘a day well spent,’ for I have offered my life and this day to You as a ‘living sacrifice.’”
Please visit Elizabeth George's website.  Her books are available there along with several free resources that will guide you and bless you as you seek to become a woman of God. 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Elizabeth George's books sound really interesting - I think I'm going to have to check them out.


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