Friday, August 16, 2013

A Dozen Ways To Reach Your Son

If there is anything I've learned in the 22 years of mothering sons it is that boys are unique and extremely different than girls or mom!  Through the years, I've tried and often failed in ways to connect with my boys.  I found  a recent article that shares some great ways to reach our sons.

How does a mom reach her son’s heart?
1. Communicate confidence. Boys grow strong when they have someone who is confident in their abilities. They step out and take off when they sense your faith in them.

2. Give him space. A mom can’t hover over her boy. He needs a little room – room to grow and to try things out on his own.

3. Show some respect. It’s important to never belittle him or make him feel small in any way. Even little men need to have some basic respect.

4. Cheer him on. Until that guy marries, I hope to be his biggest fan (then she can take over from there). I’ll cheer loudly and enthusiastically whenever and wherever I can.

5. Be available. At times just being there means the most. You’re standing by – in case he ever needs something. Time, advice, sympathy, or encouragement: it’s waiting there for when he’s looking for it.

6. Take an interest. In his interests. What are his hobbies? What does he like learning about? Spend time doing? Whether lizards, space travel, or Airsoft (all of which I know way more about than I’d ever wanted to :) ) – make it your area of interest too.

7. Listen quietly. More than anything. He doesn’t need you to talk nearly as much as he needs you to listen.

8. Give him grace. I don’t know quite how to say this, but sometimes sons do stupid things. And we can become discouraged, or disappointed in them. But they need to feel our full forgiveness and have the chance to try again.

9. Believe the best. Let’s have great expectations for our sons. Let’s believe they’re going to go far and have high hopes for them.

10. Take him out. Our little boys keep very careful track on whose turn it is next to have a “date” with mom. I’ll grab one when I’m going out on an errand, then pick up an ice-cream cone or swing by the library.

11. Lighten up. Laugh at his antics and smile at his sweetness. Enjoy the boy he is and the man he’s becoming. Make sure he knows you delight in him. Just the way he is.

12. Pray for him. He needs his mother’s prayers. Pray for protection, for purity, for God’s purpose to be carried out. There’s probably no more important ministry a mom can have in her son’s life.

Found at Club 31 Women.

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