Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School Prayers...Part II..Parents and Teachers

Last post, I shared a post for our students. Although they are the ones who do the school work, but parents and teacher do a lot of 'heart work'. Often we are away as the children are at school and don't know every detail about their day. What a blessing to know that God does see and know. What a privilege to know He hears our prayer and answers them!

Parent's Prayer for Students
Dear Lord, As my children leave for school,
I pray that you will keep them in your care.
Send your Spirit to open their minds to all that is true and beautiful and good.
Help them to see the gifts and talents you have given them and to use them well.
Help them to grow in knowledge and wisdom.
Help them to be kind to others and lead others be kind to them.
Give their teachers patience and understanding and help them teach what is just and true.
Send your angels to guide and guard my children and to keep them from all harm.
Open their young hearts to your presence and enfold them in your peace and protection.
Hold them in the palm of your hand and bring them home safely at day's end. Amen.

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A Teacher's Prayer
Dear God,
A new school year is about to begin and my classroom door will soon open to the students you've assigned to my care...
Open my mind and heart to each of them and especially to the ones who will challenge me the most...
Help me challenge my students, all of them, to study, to learn, to grow in knowledge and even a little wisdom.
Help me remember, Lord, how young my students are: give me patience to help them grow up and insight to know the help they need...
Help me to understand that sometimes my students may not understand me: may I be clear in the things I say and do, and in how I say and do them… My students don't know the burdens and worries my heart brings to the classroom, so help me remember,
Lord, how anxious and heavy my students' hearts may be...
Keep me from favoring any particular students,
 Lord, except for those who most need my help...
Let my decisions in the classroom be fair and just, honest and true...
Send your Spirit to fill me with gifts of knowledge and understanding, counsel and wisdom…
Lord, open my mind and heart to my students' parents, especially those who will challenge me the most...
Help me challenge parents to challenge their children to study, to learn and to grow...
Help me to teach as you would,
Lord: help me be understanding when I need to be firm, gentle in all things, and patient until the last bell rings…
A new school year is about to begin, Lord, and I wonder, what will you teach me today? Amen.

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