Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch Out For the Dust

Do you have areas in your home that collect dust?  Areas that just seem to get overlooked even through the cleaning routine.  In our master bathroom, my husband and I each have 'our' sides of the sink.  I put baskets to keep our own stuff in and keep mine in pretty good shape as does the dear hubby.  While cleaning today, I noticed his side needed a bit more attention.  Upon closer inspection there were 5 razors in his containers (other than the 1 that he daily uses)!  They were covered in dust, served no purpose and were taking up valuable space.  Although I took care of this little problem immediately, for months it had gone unnoticed, wiped over and grown accustomed to.

It made me think about areas in my life that may become 'dusty'.  Little habits that while maybe not considered 'bad', don't add any value or serve the purpose of as a Christian should be to point others to Him.  Little habits that take up space in my heart and life and could be moved out to make space for better things. 

Isn't it funny how although we may know about these areas, we often do nothing, ignore the dust that gathers and even when 'cleaning out the heart' move right over them?   The longer we do this, the less we notice them.
The Christian heart needs extra attention at times.  A longer look, a discerning eye alert for dusty areas.  God Word is a like a light shining deep into our hearts to rid of us dust and bring out a shine that reflects Him. May we be open to His heart cleaning in our lives!

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  1. You always have a great way of using everyday situations to illustrate a spiritual truth. It is so easy as a mom to be constantly "dusting" off our children and failing to see the dust bunnies in our own life. Thanks for the encouragement!


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