Monday, August 12, 2013

Who Loves Mondays???

Uh Oh, bad choice for a title...I can hear the groans and the answer...NOBODY loves Mondays!! 
But, being the ever optimist, I'll raise my hand...I love Mondays!!  Being a stay at home mom, Mondays were usually the day where the family went back to school/work after the weekend and it gave me a day to 'catch up' and get things back in order.
Our homeschool year begins today, so this Monday starts a new school year for us. Summer break is over, our school year is setting in.  Routines and schedules keep me motivated and challenge me to keep things orderly.
Monday's always represent a clean slate for me also.  A do-over or another chance to do things better.  Instead of bemoaning what has been lost - weekend fun, time off etc., a focus of getting a new week off to a great start can give renewed purpose.
I'm excited for Monday!  Hope that your week starts off fabulous!
"To many Mondays are not the worst days of the week, they are the best starts to the week. All you need to do is change your perspective and you are set for a good start."
~ Marge Holland

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  1. I refer to them as "Marvelous Mondays" instead of "Manic Mondays". I raise my hand with you. :D


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