Friday, October 18, 2013

Creative Kindness

If you are the creative type, you won't understand my reasons for running quickly away from anything that requires creativity. If ideas form in your head and then become beautifully completed projects and you enjoy it...skip this post!!! After numerous failed attempts at crafts, baking, do it yourself projects that require anything beyond the basics, I gladly accept the fact that I am not gifted in creativity. Give me basic instruction that I can follow that do not require me to think, dream or imagine anything beyond!

This attitude is comfortable, but dull!  Self improvement should always be a goal in life.  There is always a goal or challenge that should drive us to become better.  A part of this is being observant about our strengths and weaknesses.  The things that come easy to us are usually our strength areas, things that we are naturally good at and do well.  Areas we struggle in are not as fun and can be a struggle to improve.  

As much as I shun being creative, I don't have any trouble being kind.  Kindness usually gets a good response, not like a failed creative project that flops and condemns!!  Being kind can be fun and usually takes minimal effort.  

A recent post from Home Sanctuary gave me a different view of creativity:
"You see, creativity is not just art, but it is problem solving, meeting needs, and living each day with an eye for what "could be."

"Most people are living creatively without even knowing it. But they are moving through their day making good things happen because they see how to add touches of kindness wherever they go."

Our natural talents and strengths manifest through actions.  What do we like to do, to see, to make happen?  That is where a burst of creativity begins.  Here are a few ideas of creative kindness from the post:

The little note in the lunch bag that says, "I love you."
The paprika sprinkled on mashed potatoes.
The waitress who brings extra lemons for the iced tea.
The thank you card in the mail.
The hand-knitted winter hat.
The quilt pieced together by loving hands.
Paying for a stranger's meal at a restaurant.
Remembering a cashier's name at the grocery store.
Complimenting the man who picks up your trash.
Allowing another person to go first in line.
Giving flowers to a friend for no reason.
Leaving an extra big tip.

When we use our gifts and seek to be a blessing with them, true creativity flows.  It all begins with recognizing, learning, practicing and beholding something new and beautiful within us!

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