Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tips for a Healthy Thanksgivng

Don't through the mashed potatoes at me yet!  The Thanksgiving meal is surely a time to enjoy the food, fellowship and family time.  But...if you are keeping a healthy lifestyle and goals to better fitness, a huge meal like this (with overindulgence) can set things back quickly.  This meal is not one to be deprived of, but here are a few tips to enjoy the meal and keep on track.
1.) Start the day with a big glass of water.
2.) Get an early morning walk or run (or even a stretch!) in if you can!
3.) Do not graze at the table! Put what you want on your plate and WALK AWAY!
4.) Only eat the foods you love. Don’t waste those calories!
5.) Going back for seconds? Go for protein and (non saucy) vegetables…if you can find any!
6.) Keep the breads/rolls to a minimum, and if you have to butter them, use a small amount!
7.) Drink some more water….then do it again.
8.) Just because everyone else is eating it, doesn’t mean you have to! Keep YOUR goals in mind!
9.) Your CALORIES don’t know that it’s THANKSGIVING so all rules STILL APPLY!
10.) Get back to your normal eating and workout routine ASAP.
Enjoy the day and the food!  Plan some family fitness time together!  Most of all, let's remember to thank God for all His blessings to us!
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