Tuesday, November 12, 2013

You Have To Be Still To Be Thankful

Aaahh..November...the month to be thankful!  Many of my Facebook friends began the month by sharing something they are thankful for.  It seems the month of Thanksgiving stirs up an attitude of gratitude in many of us.  As we look forward to special time with family, friends and a time to count our blessings, it creates an atmosphere for thankfulness. 
But, it usually happens each November that by mid month, the posts slow down a bit.  I have done the same thing...began with gusto, then let the busyness claim me and crowd out the best intentions.
I try to keep a 'thankful journal' found over at A Holy Experience.  Deliberately seeking out God's blessings each day - big and small cultivates that heart of gratitude and praise.  Some of my entries in the journal included:
  • a beautiful sunrise
  • cup of coffee
  • birds feeding
  • cozy fires
  • warm robes
  • sunlight streaming through a window
All these blessed moments usually occurred during my quiet times in the morning.  Each day, I set aside a time to be still, drink coffee, pray and read my Bible.  It is now part of my daily routine, beginning each day being still before the Lord. 
The reason these blessings come alive is that my heart is still and notices the beauty and blessings God gives.  Once my quiet time is over and the day begins, my eyes, ears and heart jump into the demands of the day.  I rarely notice beauty or stop to be thankful for little things through the day.  Why?  Because I'm not still, not quiet or in tune to notice God's blessings. 
This is a challenge to me and my intentions are to slow down, be open and still to look around and see the beauty of each day.  God's handprint is all around, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear.  It only occurs when we 'be still and know that He is God."

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  1. Even when I'm quiet, it's still hard to be still. I agree, though - God speaks to us in special ways when we find a still mind and a listening heart. And I am grateful for His presence.

    Blessings to you this beautiful November.



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