Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Things Come, When Your Focus Changes

When my three sons were younger, it was so important to me to get pictures of them all together.  Of course they  had to match in those photos!  I would pick their clothes out and attempt to pose them for the perfect photo and they would grudgingly oblige. 

One year I had the brilliant idea for a Christmas photo…a camouflage, country, horse theme.  I got them all ready and here was the result:

Nothing worked out and we were all miserable!  But, I kept these photos as a reminder that sometimes the things we focus on are not worth the stress they can cause.  My boys attitude, happiness and feeling my love instead of irritation are much more important than a ‘perfect photo’. 

Through the years, I learned to relax and focus on things more important….we endured (with God’s grace) the teenage years, learning to drive, growing up and transitioning into adulthood.   This year Christmas morning came and since it is rare they are all together, I asked them to get in front of the tree.  Without planning, and without knowing what each other was wearing, here is how they dressed:

Christmas 2013

WOW!  They all match and were happy…what more could a mama want?

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