Monday, February 3, 2014

Are You A Kind Wife?

It is February...the month of love!!  This is the perfect time to evaluate and work on being a more loving wife! article I read asked "Are You A Kind Wife?"  What kind of question is that?  If you are a wife, you are used to serving, loving, cooking, cleaning and taking care of a husband. It's a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice and of course, a lot of love.  What does kindness have to do with it?  

We know that kindness is an important character trait, especially for Christians.  While we are out and about, it usually isn't too hard to be kind to others.  But when we get home (finally), get settled to relax and dear hubby asks a favor...the battle begins between our natural desires to do what we want and whether we make the choice to seek the good of someone else.  Kindness is not an issue until it invades us and makes us choose.  

"Being kind to people who are nice to us is nothing more than an exchange of emotions."
"But real character is found in those who freely give without keeping score."
Time Warp Wife recently shared 7 Habits of a Kind Wife.
It's not always easy to be kind, but it's possible when we take the focus off of ourselves and turn them onto our Lord.

Here are 7 of the habits that can help us be a more kind wife:

1. She's affectionate - all human beings benefit from affection. A smile, a kiss, a warm embrace when you walk in through door... These are the things that remind us we're loved.

2. She's understanding - Although we don't always agree with one another, it's a blessing when someone makes an effort to understand our point of view isn't it? It takes an open heart and a listening ear.

3. She looks to God to sharpen her character - When we pattern our lives after our Savior we surrender our lives to His will. Regardless of what pop culture is doing, our decisions are based on truth.

4. She's strengthened by prayer - Prayer is an important step in reshaping our lives. If we want to center our marriage around Christ, first and foremost, we need to surrender our heart to His will.

5. She knows that a kind word turns away wrath - We all know this, but do we practice it enough? Kind words are powerful. They can diffuse a situation and calm a troubled heart.

6. She builds up her husband instead of tearing him down - Listening to him, making an effort to be cheerful, and ignoring his faults are just a few of the ways we can build up our husbands in a world that is tearing them down.

7. She's not perfect, but she's growing in grace - There are those who see virtue as an impossibility. We all can't be this perfect, and we wall can't be this strong. While that is true, it's important to remember that building virtue on faith is a life-long journey upon which the road is paved by His grace. 

Just like anything that is worth doing, kindness doesn't magically appear, it is developed, mostly through friction!  The more it is practiced, the easier it comes.  I"m so thankful where I lack, God is able to supply!

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