Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Faves

Although I'm a sporadic blogger, it is the concept of cherishing memories of daily life and blessings that keeps me coming back here to my blog to post! 
Many bloggers share about their week as they express their "Friday Favorites".  I love taking the time to reflect on the moments and blessings that otherwise may be forgotten.  Some bloggers share the pictures taken on their cell phones to capture these special moments.

Here is my list of Friday Favorites:
1.  Movie time with my son. 
I have a 20 year old who lives with us, but we rarely see!!  He works evenings and I am usually in bed by the time he gets home.  One night this week, I was still up reading and he found the movie Facing the Giants on TV.  Although we've seen in many times, it's timeless message of courage and faith again inspires us.  During one of the emotional scenes, I cried (like always!).  My son says', "You've seen this over and over, why are crying again?"  Love that no nonsense attitude he has!  Loved that time spent together.

2.  Wildflowers

Black eyed susans are in bloom and everywhere we go, the roads are lined with carpets of vibrant color.  On my evening walk, I found this little bit of rustic beauty.

3.  Porch Sitting
After a week of rainy, dreary, cloudy weather, this week the weather was gorgeous!  Beautiful sunshine, mild breezes and a perfect temperature.  One morning I just had to do my morning routine outside and enjoy it! 

4.  Ladies Bible Study
Our church has began a new Ladies Bible Study on spiritual gifts.  Loved gathering together with ladies for the purpose of seeking God, thanking Him for equipping us to serve Him and bless others.

5.  Essential Oils
I'm learning about and using essential oils more and loving them!  My husband had a very stressful week and a few nights I applied the oil "Valor" to his feet.  There is a beauty in humility - it doesn't come naturally, but when purposefully putting the needs of others first and serving them, the Lord can bring about such a blessing to our lives and homes! 
 Those are the special moments of my week.  Be encouraged to take a few minutes and reflect on what God has done for you this week!! Feel free to share in the comment section, I would love to hear about it!

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  1. I wish my week were as pleasant as yours! I have had a week that has rocked my world - the week of a lifetime which is challenging me on all levels and forcing me to cling to my Lord for guidance.


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