Monday, May 12, 2014

The Greatest Mother's Day Present Ever....

Here we are, the Monday after Mother's Day!  Moms, I hope you began today still feeling the affect of lavish love and appreciation!  Isn't is a wonderful feeling for your love and service to be acknowledged and appreciated? 

Even if your table is full of gifts from Mother's Day, there is one more still to come and it is the greatest one yet!  Are you ready?  The gift is that you get to turn around and do it again!  Don't groan, don't leave, stay with me for a moment!!  Hear my heart here, not any sarcasm.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to serve as mom again.  To express love, to build them up, to shoulder their sorrows, to be the greatest influence in their lives. To give them lasting gifts all year long - love, joy, hope, encouragement and courage.

Do you know that as moms, we are "life - givers".  We give out life through these acts of service and love. It has been said "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away."  Moms have many "breathable" moments.

I remember holding my breath many times through the years:

  • when my young son was up to bat at a ball game, "Please let him hit the ball"!
  • wiping a fevered brow
  • walking him to school for the first time
  • sitting in the emergency room for stitches and broken bones
  • waitng for teenagers to come home safely
  • letting the natural learning course of actions and consequences take hold

I've also been blessed to relax and let out that breath

  • when they hit the ball!
  • made a good grade on a test
  • finished the speech well
  • got their first job
  • found their true love
Sometimes motherhood feels like a long series of breathing in and out - of holding our breath during stressful times then being able to release it, or to breathe again once the calamity passes.  This isn't just about the small children either!!!  Moms of older children/teenager/young adults still feel the same cycle of breathing!

But there is HOPE!!  When we adjust our attitude to recognize the blessing of doing it over and over again, we also come to realize we are not alone. God is our refuge, our strength, our hope and the One who fills our hearts with all that is needed.  He can change our mindset to understand that He has equipped us for this monumental task and that these children are a direct blessing from Him. He loves them even more than we do and He desires their best and will work through us to give them His best.  We can breathe in His grace and release it into their lives. Breath in and out, receive His blessing and pour it back out....again and again...beautiful, matchless grace that equips and empowers.  Breathe it in deeply!

If you have ever heard of Michelle Dugger from '19 Kids and Counting', you know she is a fantastic mother, empowered by grace and love.  She recently shared about the seasons of motherhood - how they constantly change and our part is to transition to, embrace and love each season.  My motherhood season is changing along with many of my dearest friends.  We've walked through the toddler years, school ages, teenagers (and survived!).  Now as life transitions, our role as mother may not seem to be so vital.  As these children gain independence and step towards adulthood, they don't physically need us like they used to.  But although our motherhood season changes, they do still need us - they need a rock of godly influence, a source of unconditional love and our vital ministry of prayer for their lives. As they face life changing and life defining choices, they need someone in their corner petitioning God on their behalf, for His doors, opportunities and blessings to be opened in their lives. 

So, dear fellow mom, our job is never done, we are never 'not needed anymore'.  We are blessed with the gift of 'doing it again' each new day.  This job is not for the fainthearted, but if we seek the Lord, we are empowered by Him to be the most influential, powerful influence is our child's life.  What a blessing, what an opportunity - what a gift!!

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