Monday, June 30, 2014

Finding Your Roots

Summer highlights for our family include a few soccer tournaments with our youngest son and a week of working in children's church camp.  When plans were being made, the impact of these dates being back to back didn't seem too important. weekend spent out of town, followed by leaving the next day for camp, home to get a days work in at my job, followed by another day of soccer left me a bit off balance, tired, cranky and irritable!!

During the activities, we had a great time!!  Here is my soccer boy and my cabin of girl campers!!

The first full day at home was Sunday.  It felt so good to be home surrounded by what was familiar and dear!  Almost automatically, I began to do some of those 'homey' things that help me regroup. Before time to leave for church, a roast was ready for the oven, potatoes were cooked and ready to be mashed and a loaf of homemade bread was baking.  What a beautiful time it was in the kitchen 'going back to my roots', finding what was familiar and how it brought about comfort and regrouping!  It was more than just doing the tasks, it was an opportunity to express love that also was a way to be obedient to the biblical mandate of caring for my home and family.  

As Christians, sometimes we get distracted by life and the many demands of it.  Sometimes we just have to 'find our roots', soak up God's Word and be replenished by His strength. We can come to Him in prayer and set down our burdens and pick up His peace.  What a blessing it is to know His Word is true, He hears us when we pray and when we come to that place of needing to find our roots, He is always there!

This promise brings the reminder to sink my roots deep in the Lord and the blessing of His richness that will result from doing so!

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