Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Wives...Get In His Boat!!!

This month my sweet husband and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage!  Although I can honestly say I love him more today than ever, after all these years, it is easy to become comfortable in marriage.  We know each other so well, our likes, dislikes, our reactions to situations etc.  We just 'do life' so well together.
There is certainly nothing wrong with any of that and it wasn't until this special young lady came into our lives that my  marriage outlook perked up.
Young love is so fresh and vibrant, but it is also so much more.  My oldest son will be married soon and it is so sweet watching them together.  They are so thoughtful of each other, love to do things for the other, plan according to the other's plan, purposefully do life to best fit the other person.  They notice and express appreciation for the smallest acts of kindness. Eagerly do things for one another and seek to be the first to serve the other. 
After many years of marriage, sometimes those things can fade some.  Instead of the focus being on serving each other, it becomes easy to let him do for me.  Those small acts of kindness often get taken for granted.  Serving one another can become another thing on the 'to do' list.   Sometimes those special things he does don't even get noticed anymore. 
The other day at my home was 'laundry day' where I take all the towels to be washed.  It is important to my husband to have a towel ready when he needs one, so I "meant' to replace them before he got home.  He came home before my 'meant to' became a 'did it'!  As I walked through, he had gotten all new towels and replaced them, never said a word, just simply did it.  How many times does he do thoughtful things like that and I miss it?  I determined to start paying attention!
Little things that over the years he does so well, I've grown accustomed to him doing and fail to show appreciation.  Things like...
  • Taking the garbage out
  • keeping my car running smoothly
  • mowing the grass
  • choosing family over selfish desires
  • leading with integrity
  • diligently and faithfully supporting our family
  • gently guiding us when we get off track
  • and the list can go on and on...
Marriage, love, blessing our homes are all comprised of choices and being deliberate and intentional to choose well.  Extraordinary things don't 'just happen', they are made to happen!  A vibrant marriage isn't one where we just exist, it come to pass with the choices we make to put the other's needs and desires first.  It is a daily series of looking for the things we love and appreciate and sharing that.  It is seeking ways to make the other one happy. Sometimes it can be choosing their way over ours, but in return, be assured blessings will come. 

I'll never forget the day this picture was taken...my son had to do a minor repair on his boat, he told her what he was going to do, and she quickly answered, "I'll go with you".  Although it was a 5 minute job, she wanted to be with him.  This sweet attitude attracted my younger son out to join them, then seeing this unfold from my kitchen window, drew me out to capture it with the camera!  A truly loving attitude attracts others!!

Wives, may we be encouraged to 'get in his boat", take time to appreciate our men, love them, choose them and bless them.  Making them a priority will be one of our greatest blessings that can be passed on through generations.

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