Wednesday, July 2, 2014

It's Your Choice - Fear or Faith

Soccer has become the sport of choice for our youngest son.  This summer we joined with a team, have been practicing weekly and recently had our first tournament.  Our team age varies from ages 11 to 14, but just a few days before the tournament, one of our players turned 15.  That is the age the tournament staff worked with and matched us up with some older teams.  Most of our players had never played this type of soccer and had trained, practiced and were now ready to compete.  As they faced their opponents, the other team had players much older...and bigger!  The parents on the sidelines gulped with fear, but the players went out on the field and did their best!  They played right alongside the other team, side by side with their eye on the ball, seemingly taking little notice of the difference in size.  They lost in points, but won a spot in my heart for their diligence and the strength they showed in the face of adversity.  

This is a fantastic photo shot taken by one of our team moms. Our #7 (which is my son) side by side the #7 on the other team!

As Christians oftentimes we face situations in life that are bigger than we are, things that challenge us to exert all of our strength and energy.  We go head to head with them, but can lose heart and can feel defeated. But, we are not 'thrown on the field' on our own.  God is with us and is on our side.  He is bigger than our situation and able to work it out for our good.  Facing hard times on our own can bring fear, trusting God takes faith.  Fear can grip us and distort our vision, cause doubt and weaken us.  Faith brings God to the center and reminds us of His power.  The object of our focus often determines our outcome - focusing on the problem allows fear to move in, but focusing on God brings faith that overcomes because God is bigger and greater than anything!  

On the playing field of life, we have a choice - fear or faith.  May we be encouraged to choose faith and trust God.  He is the winning side and only through Him, we are overcomers!

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  1. I am in tears as I write this! You will NEVER know how much I needed to read this today. I am so thankful you followed God's prompt to stop by my blog, so I could find yours and receive this encouragement today. Thank you ever so much! God bless you.


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