Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Your Life is a Picture

Your Life a Picture 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

What does the picture of your life portray?
What does it communicate to others?
Do you know that people watch you?  Have you ever noticed that when a group of women get together how much they pay attention to one another? They notice each other's hair, nails, clothes, shoes, purse, phones and what each other eats!  I live in a house with all males - a husband and sons.  The things they notice about me never ceases to amaze me!  They notice my tone of voice, my mood, my response etc.  
As a Christian, we are called to represent Christ.  As we grow and mature, we strive to become "Christ-like" in our attitudes, words and actions.  As people watch us (and the do!), they are looking hard to see being a Christian is making a difference in us. Sometimes we share a witness by living our life while people watch.  Here are a few questions for us as we seek to be the picture of God, His love and grace to those around us. 
Does the likeness in the picture resemble Christ?  Do others see Him when they look at you? People will base their conclusions on not only whether you are doing what Jesus would do but also if you display Christ-like qualities and attitudes.
Does the picture glorify God? Both what you do and how you do it paint the strokes of such a picture.
Does the picture accurately exhibit the fullness of life in Christ? If so, your life will be colored with a vibrancy that comes from realizing how much God has truly blessed you, reflected in sharing with others.
Does the picture portray a consistent representation? If not, you might merely be confusing people about life in Christ.
Does the picture move others in their walk with the Lord? The real benefit of a picture is what it stirs up within the beholder. The ultimate purpose in letting your light shine is that others “may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”
Regardless of how you answered the above questions, your life, like a picture, is visible to the people around you. And, as we've noted, a picture is worth a thousand words. What image do people see when they look at you and how does it impact their lives? May others see Christ in you and me.

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