Monday, October 13, 2014

Embrace Fall

Here comes October!!  This is my favorite time of the year.  Although in the area I live, the climate doesn't change, on occasion a cool front get through and we get a taste of cool weather, a few falling leaves and brisk mornings! 
Although these days can be few and far between, 'fall fever' can catch me unaware.  Have you ever had that type of morning where you have time at home, windows open and that strong desire to bake something 'fallish'?  Of course it usually involves pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon etc. and nothing else will do.  Many a morning has been interrupted by having to make a trip to the store for a fall ingredient that I didn't have in my pantry.  
This year, I am working to plan ahead.  During a shopping trip, I found pumpkin on sale and picked up 3 cans!  Although they are very expensive, I picked up a big bag of nuts and used my chopper to make them smaller (and go farther!), replenished cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves!  A batch of pumpkin cookies and apple dumplings have already been made, with plans for a few more treats coming up soon!
A fall atmosphere is a cozy one.  It  requires little effort to enhance the warmth and joy of the season.  In our homes, a home baked treat, a candle or some inexpensive fall decorations bring the homey feeling up a notch! Even the busiest of us can light a candle, mix up a dessert or put out a fall decoration.  A little effort goes a long way!

Let's be encouraged to embrace fall, to be prepared to make the most of quiet family times, create the opportunity for hospitality, enjoy the outdoors together or just ponder of the blessings God gives.  I've read in northern climates, fall is a time of preparation for the long, dark winters.  May we take this time to be renewed before the rush of the holidays, to spend precious time with family, loving them and enjoying them.

With just a few preparations, we can embrace this season and pass along a bounty of love and blessings to those around us!

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